AR Collections

Gappify's customized messaging, two-way communication, and advanced collections analytics will help your AR team scale outreach and collect more cash quickly.

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AR Collections Management

Gappify Alan doesn’t just send notifications – he regularly interacts with customers and your AR team to ensure appropriate actions and followups are taken during all stages of the collection process.

Automated Workflows:


Gappify Alan for NetSuite and SAP Bundles

Collections Management

Gappify Alan interacts with customers to confirm receipt and accuracy of invoices issued, then follows up on past-due invoices as necessary.


Gappify Alan identifies and emails vendors to confirm unbilled expenses, as well as internal budget managers to confirm statuses of open POs.

Vendor Management

Gappify Alan identifies and interacts with new vendors to onboard them in NetSuite and SAP, and answers vendor payment inquiries thereafter.

Next Steps

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This is how Automation works with Gappify Alan


Alan confirms customer recipient and accuracy of each new invoice issued.


Alan sends overdue reminders with two-way communication response fields.


Alan routes responses to designated team members (via JIRA, NetSuite, SFDC, etc.).


AR staff actions escalations.


Alan logs all activity real-time into ERP aging reports, provides reporting data & insight into cash forecast and collections metrics.