PO Management

Within thresholds you determine, Gappify Alan contacts PO Owners on behalf of your GL team. Gappify then autonomously updates the PO status in NetSuite.

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Purchase Order Management

On the frequency you determine, Gappify Alan regularly identifies and reaches out to PO Owners on behalf of your GL team. Gappify Allen collects an update on the PO and can even close it out in your ERP. All that’s left is for your GL team to review and approve data – Gappify Alan can even close the PO and post the journal entry.

Our seamless integration with NetSuite enables 6-hour setup and immediate ROI. Get PO data faster, and strengthen your controls by automating your PO management process with Gappify.


  • Alan autonomously identifies open POs and owners and on a frequency you determine, sends PO owners an email.
  • PO owners complete a web form to update each POs status. The information is sent back to accounting for review and JE positing (if applicable).
  • As responses become past-due, Alan automatically follows up with PO owners.
  • Goodbye missing and inaccurate PO data! Alan tracks and logs all activity - strengthening your compliance program.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time tracking down PO owner responses and increase productivity.
  • Two-way communication with PO owners included in audit trail.
  • Focus GL staff on reviews and high value activities.
  • Improve visibility and automate reporting of PO maintenance.
  • Get more work done without added effort or headcount.

Gappify Alan for NetSuite Bundles

Collections Management

Gappify Alan interacts with customers to confirm receipt and accuracy of invoices issued, then follows up on past-due invoices as necessary.


Gappify Alan identifies and emails vendors to confirm unbilled expenses, as well as internal budget managers to confirm statuses of open POs.

Vendor Management

Gappify Alan identifies and interacts with new vendors to onboard them in NetSuite, and answers vendor payment inquiries thereafter.

Next Steps

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