Accounts Payable Vendor Management

Onboard vendors faster, improve the accuracy of vendor records, and strengthen your accounting controls by automating vendor management with Gappify Alan.

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Accounts Payable Vendor Management

Our seamless integration with NetSuite and SAP enables fast setup and immediate ROI. Eliminate manual vendor management with Gappify Alan.

Automated Accounting Workflows:


Gappify Alan for NetSuite and SAP

Accounts Receivable Collections

Gappify Alan interacts with customers to confirm receipt and accuracy of invoices issued, then follows up on past-due invoices as necessary.

Accrual Confirmations

Gappify Alan identifies and emails vendors to confirm unbilled expenses, as well as internal budget managers to confirm statuses of open POs.

AP Vendor Management

Gappify Alan identifies and interacts with new vendors to onboard them in NetSuite and SAP, and answers vendor payment inquiries thereafter.

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