Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor onboarding, improve the accuracy of your vendor records and strengthen accounting's internal controls by automating your vendor management with Gappify.

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Automated Vendor Onboarding & Management

Reduce the complexities of manual onboarding and vendor updates in a SOX-compliant way. Eliminate manual emails, tax forms, and data entry to focus your valuable resources on strategic & analytical reviews and planning. Seamlessly and quickly integrate Gappify with your team’s ERP accounting system to capitalize your ROI. 


Business value:

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Gappify Automation for ERP Accounting Systems

Open PO Review

Automate outreach to your internal business partners to match expenses against open PO balances in real-time. Allow Gappify to do labor-intensive tasks such as sending emails, collecting responses, aggregating expense data, and recording JEs.

Gappify Accrual Cloud

Manage your entire accrual process in a single platform. Automate vendor and PO owner expense requests. Compare current month accruals with prior period actuals, creating a holistic view of your spend. Post SOX-compliant transactions, and perform analytical & trend reviews for accuracy & completeness.

Vendor Accrual Confirmation

Autonomously email vendors to confirm unbilled expenses. Store responses in the Gappify Accrcual Cloud for analysis. Generate Sox-compliant journal entries for your selection and auto-entry into your ERP system to speed your accruals process with a high level of auditability.

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