Gappify Accrual Cloud

Powering Completeness, Accuracy and Compliance

Manage your entire accrual process in a single cloud-based platform. Automate vendor and PO owner expense requests. Compare current month accruals with prior period actuals, creating a holistic view of your spending. Post SOX-compliant transactions and perform analytical & trend reviews for accuracy & completeness.

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Manage Your Entire Accrual Process in a Single Platform

Gappify’s Accrual Cloud autonomously requests estimates of unbilled expenses from your vendors & PO and budget owners, stores responses in the cloud-based platform & automates the creation of journal entries into your ERP to better manage your accrual process.

Responses and other relevant accrual data, including prior period actual accruals and default expense/liability accounts, are centrally organized & displayed within the platform to allow for robust analysis & review. At the conclusion of the workflow, SOX-compliant journal entries are generated within the platform for your selection and autonomous entry into your ERP system.


Manage and analyze your accrual process in one platform — with full visibility from start to finish.


Autonomously request and collect estimates of unbilled expenses from your vendors and PO owners.