Gappify Accrual Cloud

Manage your entire accrual process in a single cloud-based platform. Automate vendor and PO owner expense requests. Compare current month accruals with prior period actuals, creating a holistic view of your spend. Post SOX-compliant transactions and perform analytical & trend reviews for accuracy & completeness.

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Manage your entire Accrual process In a single platform

Gappify’s Accrual Cloud autonomously requests estimates of unbilled expenses from your vendors & PO and budget owners, stores responses in the cloud-based platform & automates the creation of journal entries into your ERP to better manage your accrual process.

Responses and other relevant accrual data, including prior period actual accruals and default expense/liability accounts, are centrally organized & displayed within the platform to allow for robust analysis & review. At the conclusion of the workflow, SOX-compliant journal entries are generated within the platform for your selection and autonomous entry into your ERP system.


Manage and analyze your accrual process in one platform — with full visibility from start to finish.


Autonomously request and collect estimates of unbilled expenses from your vendors and PO owners.


Compare current month accruals with prior period actuals, creating a holistic view of your vendor & PO spend.


Review responses and post SOX compliant transactions; perform analytical & trend reviews to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Accrual management, simplified

Benefit from the platform’s review center, where historical and current-month expense and accrual details are compiled into a centralized view. Manage your accrual confirmations and automated workflows on the platform’s transaction page. Utilize the Journal Entry review page (QJE) to review transactional-level details prior to posting your transactions in your ERP system.


Business Value:


Gappify, founded in 2016, is a cloud-based provider of accrual automation solutions for mid-market and enterprise accounting teams. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in New York City, and Manila, Philippines.

Its team consists of accountants and CPA’s from Big Four accounting firms and software innovators. Gappify is also supported by strategic advisors from some of the world’s most recognized technology companies and is affiliated with the top companies & accounting organizations.