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Mastering Expense Accruals Course

Master Accrual Accounting with Gappify: Gain expertise in closing AP, optimizing accrual types, and perfecting expense accrual JEs.

Lesson 1

When to Close AP

Learn how to balance the competing priorities of timing and accuracy in determining when to close AP, and best practices for successful execution.

Lesson 2

The Optimal Mix of Accrual Types

Learn how to determine the optimal accrual type, when to bypass the confirmation process, understand accrual type hierarchy, and some best practices to apply.

Lesson 3

Posting and Reviewing Expense Accruals JEs

Learn what is important to keep top-of-mind while creating and posting JEs, and which review steps are critical to minimize the risk of errors.

Lesson 4

Post-Close Accrual Errors

Learn how to identify post-close accrual errors, how to action post-close accrual errors and best practices to optimize execution.

Accounting Life Podcast

Listen to fellow accountants discuss their experiences with accruals, audits, accounting automation, ERP systems and more.

Episode 43

6 Ways to Know If You Are Ready for AI

Is your company ready for AI? On this episode of the #AccountingLifePodcast, we talk with Jason Pikoos, Managing Partner of Client Experience at Connor Group, about what indicators to consider when evaluating your AI readiness, along with advice for CFOs trying to get started.

Episode 42

Life in Accounting Advisory Services

Have you considered a career in accounting advisory? On this episode, Jotham Ty talks with Lauren Robinson, Manager, Accounting & Financial Reporting Advisor at TBH Consulting, about what it’s like working in this exciting field and the skills you’ll develop along the way.

Episode 41

Technology and The Modern Day Auditor

How has the audit industry evolved when it comes to technology adoption? On today’s episode we talk with Katie Hannah, Solutions Consultant at Gappify and former Audit Manager at Deloitte, about how tech is empowering a new generation of accountants.

Gappify Ebooks

Explore our Ebooks and delve into the latest accounting automation trends and best practices.


How to Unlock Cost Cutting With a Strong Accruals Process

As other departments become increasingly reliant on accurate accruals to support critical cost-cutting decisions, accountants must seize this opportunity to add value to your business by ensuring access to accurate and reliable accruals data.


From Burnout to Breakthrough

According to the Wall Street Journal, 300,000 accountants and auditors in the U.S. have left their jobs in the past two years. In this Gappify guide, we explore the consequences of the Accounting Burnout Problem — and dive into two key strategies for addressing it.


Intro to AI for Accounting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transcended its niche beginnings and has now firmly established itself as a game-changer for businesses. In this Ebook, you’ll learn the fundamental AI terms and concepts, the top AI use cases for accountants and why AI will not replace accountants.

Gappify Blog

View our articles and expand your knowledge of ERP accounting automation software.

Blog - Big 4 Learnings with Erik Zhou

Big 4 Learnings with Erik Zhou

In this episode, Jotham chats with Erik Zhou, CAO at Brex, to discuss the key learnings from his time at the Big 4, including:
• Nothing beats the Big 4 in terms of getting hands-on experience…

Read More »

Interviews, News and Events

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NOV 09, 2023

Gappify and Zanovoy Announce Strategic Partnership

Gappify and Zanovoy have announced a strategic partnership that will help streamline system implementations and achieve seamless integration into the broader tech stack.

AUG 02, 2023

Gappify and CFGI Announce Strategic Partnership

Gappify and CFGI have formalized a partnership that helps accounting teams automate and streamline the cumbersome monthly accruals process.

May 01, 2023

Gappify Announces Oversubscribed Series B Financing Round

Gappify announced today that it has raised $10 million in Series B financing round led by FINTOP Capital, with participation from Rally Ventures, Stage 2 Capital, SaaS Ventures, and Pasudeco & Co. As part of the transaction, FINTOP’s Jared Winegrad, General Partner, will join Gappify’s Board of Directors.


Watch the replays of recent events to keep up with the latest trends in Accounting Automation.

Why Automation is Critical for the Next Generation of Accountants

There have been so many changes in the past few years in the finance and accounting space, especially when it comes to automation. This webinar covers ways to ensure accountants have exposure to the next generation of technology, how accounting, finance, and IT teams can collaborate, and how accountants can utilize automation to make a huge impact.

Accrual Best Practices for Biotech and Life Sciences

Join Billy Tamulynas (Sikich Finance Automation Expert) and Jotham Ty (CEO/Founder of Gappify) as they discuss why an automated approach to accrual management can eliminate errors, drive compliance, and increase the completeness and accuracy of expense reporting for Biotech and Life Sciences companies.

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