See Why Leading Accounting Teams Love Gappify Accrual Cloud

Case Study

“Gappify has allowed us to scale our AP, FP&A and Accounting functions in a way that didn’t require us to throw additional bodies at the problem.”

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Kevin Moore


“Gappify has improved our vendor onboarding process and streamlined our accruals, which now takes a few hours vs. days to complete. Effortless integration with NetSuite ensures accuracy, security, and completeness of records. Gappify is a must have resource to scale accounting.”

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Natalia Voronina

Chief Accounting Officer

Case Study

“By leveraging Gappify’s Accrual Cloud,we were able to automate these tedious, repetitive tasks and ultimately reduce our close timeline by 6 days.”

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Ethan Don


“Given the macroeconomic environment, it has never been more crucial to have a clear picture of where your dollars are being spent. Having accurate accrual information reflected in your P&L and budgeting process is a necessity if you want to achieve this visibility. Historically, it has been difficult to automate accruals, let alone accurately, and the process is often time consuming, but Gappify provides a solution to this problem.”

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Carla Cooper