Optimize Your Biotech Expense Accruals

Let your expense accruals run on auto-pilot to eliminate manual effort and close the books faster.

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Automate Your Accrual Workflows

Eliminate the mundane and the manual by automating general accruals, so that small accounting teams can focus on complex clinical trial accruals, budget and forecast analysis, or validating CRO reporting. Gappify automates:

  • Vendor and internal confirmations
  • Historical average, straight-line and percentage of completion calculations
  • Flagging and reclassing prepaid expenses
  • And so much more
Accrual Automation - Vendor & Internal Confirmations
Internal Controls for Accruals

Achieve Audit and Regulatory Compliance

Protect against audit scrutiny through a robust framework of built-in, enterprise grade controls, SOX-compliant journal entries and audit-proof documentation trails. Gappify supports compliance through:

  • Access and segregation-of-duties controls
  • Robust audit trails
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification

Scale With a Solution That Will Grow as You Grow

Solve for rapid growth with technology and tools rather than additional headcount so that dollars can be spent on innovation rather than labor. Gappify enables scaling through:

  • Accelerated month-end close timing
  • Elimination of labor-intensive, redundant tasks
  • Integration with any ERP, P2P or budgeting tool
Accrual Automation - Centralize Accrual Data
Accrual Automation - Reviews

Gain Visibility Into Unnecessary and Unchecked Spending

Stay on top of vendor and CRO spending, review trends and anomalies in historical results throughout project duration, and take quick and informed action to escalate. Gappify provides visibility with:

  • 360 degree review of both transactional level detail and big picture
  • Reporting capabilities that empower cost-cutting initiatives and data-driven analysis

Ready to speed up your month-end close, see better audit results and free up time and resources?