Accrual Management & Automation

Automate Your Entire
Accrual Process

Streamline your manual accruals process, and free up time and resources for other high-value activities.

Automate Vendor and Internal Confirmations

Schedule confirmations to be automatically sent to your vendors and internal PO owners, schedule auto-reminder emails, and track responses in a single tool.

Accrual Automation - Vendor & Internal Confirmations
Accrual Automation - Accrual Estimates & Calculations

Automate Accrual Calculation Estimates

Support your confirmations with calculated accrual estimates. Automatically run straight-line, historical average or percentage-of-completion calculations based on data ingested from your P2P or ERP systems. Validate confirmations or create journal entries directly from these calculations.

"I love Gappify for its ability to put the month-end accrual process on autopilot."

Sam Murphy

Global Controller at Khoros

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360º Review

Perform a detailed review of each transaction line item or a 20,000 foot level review that focuses on the big picture. See historical results, current-period actuals and budget data all displayed next to accrual estimates so that you can be confident in the amounts you choose to post.

Accrual Automation - Reviews
Accrual Automation - Centralize Accrual Data

Single Source of Truth for Accrual Data

Integrate with any cloud-based ERP, P2P or budgeting tool so that data is ingested automatically. This ensures all the relevant data for your accruals process – invoice and PO details, chart-of-accounts – are captured in our one-stop shop accrual tool.

Ready to speed up your month-end close, see better audit results and free up time and resources?