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Brex Scales AP, FP&A and Accounting Functions with Gappify

“Gappify has allowed us to scale our AP, FP&A and Accounting functions in a way that didn’t require us to throw additional bodies at the problem.”

Testimonials - Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Controller, Brex

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Customer Spotlight

“Like many organizations in recent years, Brex has shifted its focus to better understanding where dollars are being spent. In order to effectively do so, it is critical to have accurate accruals and a buttoned-up review and approval process.

Gappify makes it easy for the accounting team to gather all the necessary information we need to book accurate accruals. As our volume of vendors increased, sending confirmation emails manually and consolidating responses in excel workbooks was no longer a scalable solution.

It can be painful to book adjustments or reversing entries. By bringing all accrual information into Gappify, we can preview the financial impact prior to posting JEs and can be confident that our accruals are accurate and in line with expectations.

Gappify really stood out to us because of its simplicity and the seamlessness in which it would integrate with our existing systems and processes. The implementation was smooth and it was really easy to train our team.”

“At Brex, we see Gappify’s value in a few key categories:

Month-End Close Timing

Gappify has greatly reduced the volume of adjusting accrual entries. This has shortened our SG&A monthly close by 3 days.


Gappify’s ability to consume information from our existing procurement system and budgeting tool is really powerful. It has diminished the amount of manual work and human error we encounter.


Due to automation, Gappify has allowed us to scale our AP, FP&A and Accounting functions in a way that didn’t require us to throw additional bodies at the problem.


The ability to preview the financial impact of an accrual prior to posting is a game changer. It has driven down the volume of questions and required rework.


Gappify’s cloud-based Review Center provides our team with the capability to easily compare current and prior period expenses and view the different types of transactions that make up a balance. This has been invaluable.”

About Gappify

Gappify, founded in 2016, is a cloud-based provider of accrual automation solutions for mid-market and enterprise accounting teams. The company is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Berkeley, California, Washington DC, and Manila, Philippines.

Its team consists of accountants and CPA’s from Big Four accounting firms and software innovators. Gappify is also supported by strategic advisors from some of the world’s most recognized technology companies and is affiliated with the top companies & accounting organizations.

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