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Listen to fellow accountants discuss their experiences with accruals, audits, accounting automation, ERP systems and more.

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Episode 21

Promoting Professional Development for Accountants

You’ve hired the right people for your accounting team, so now what? On this episode of the #AccountingLifePodcast, we’re joined by Senad Mustafic (CAO at Benchling) to discuss his thoughts on professional development strategies for retaining accountants.

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Episode 20

The Chief Accounting Officer Role

The Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) provides the accounting department a seat at the “executive table” and the opportunity to make broad, strategic company contributions. What makes an accountant a good fit for chief accounting officer? On this episode of the #AccountingLifePodcast, we’ve reassembled our expert panel of CAOs, Angelina Hendraka (PowerSchool), Amy Garefis (ZipRecruiter), and Wendy Zheng, (OneTrust), to discuss what it takes to move from an accountant to CAO.

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Episode 19

Accounting ERP Evolution with Neil Chua

What do accountants need to know about ERP systems to better manage their day-to-day operations? On this episode of the #AccountingLifePodcast, Neil Chua (Managing Director, SOAProjects) discusses important ERP trends and developments to help accountants stay up to date on the latest & greatest in ERP.